The Miss Dior Dress and the Tailleur Bar on the 2021 Cruise

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The Miss Dior Dress and the Tailleur Bar on the 2021 Cruise

It is in the heart of the Puglia region that the Dior house has introduced its Cruise 2021 collection – a collection where the Miss Dior dress returns in an even more floral vision!

The Dior Cruise 2021 Collection

Grazia Maria Chiuri took the Dior house to the heart of a region dear to her childhood. In Lecce, in Puglia, this region of southern Italy rich in exceptional craftsmanship: “This presentation focuses on living memories of my childhood: the embroidery and textiles on which I saw my grandmother and my uncle worked when I was a child ”confided the current artistic director of the house at 30 Avenue Montaigne.

This Dior Cruise 2021 collection links more than one icon of Monsieur’s house to his very Italian memories. A virtuoso dialogue in the name of beauty which involved, in the legendary Dior workshops, local artisans, but also dancers and musicians from the south of Italy.

This south which, moreover, carries within itself the same magical beliefs as those shared by Monsieur Dior. He who had made lily of the valley or even the star signs or charms protecting his success.

The Miss Dior Dress And The Tailleur Bar

The collection which paraded yesterday behind closed doors featured two iconic pieces from the Dior wardrobe. First of all, the Miss Dior dress.

As presented in 1949 on a certain Brigitte Bardot, the Miss Dior dress represents the whole vision of Christian Dior. The flower woman then sublimated in a dress where the taffeta is superimposed in a Parisian delicacy – a delicacy that is also distilled in the eponymous perfume.

In its Cruise 2021 version, the Miss Dior dress becomes the work of an encounter. The one between the studios of Avenue Montaigne and the artist Pietro Ruffo. He then imagined a field studded with ears of wheat, evoking a summer landscape.

For this Dior collection, the iconic Miss Dior dress is thus completed with an embroidery work typical of the Puglia region – dotted with hand-made roses, the icon gains a little more luxury and cheerfulness!

The other Dior icon revisited through the prism of regional know-how is obviously the Bar jacket. An absolute manifesto of Dior grammar, the veste bar is cut this time from the ancestral fabrics of the Le Costantine Foundation.

A fluid and chic look that illustrates Maria Grazia Chiuri’s vision for the house of Dior – that of luxury as a dialogue between know-how inherited from around the world!