The Milus Snow Star – An Icon That Saved Lives

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The Milus Snow Star – An Icon That Saved Lives

39 millimetres in diameter, superior 904L steel, mirror polish finish: the reedition of the Snow Star icon from Milus embraces adventure as its heritage!

The Snow Star from Milus is a watch that is both a watch of tales and an adventurer. Adventurer first. From 1940, the U.S. Army opts to make Milus an indispensable element for soldiers and parachutists of the US Navy. The era is in chaos, and beyond the indisputable quality of precision and resistance to extreme environments, the Snow Star from Milus was most of all chosen for its trade value. 

The true story of the Snow Star is in fact indissociable from the practices of the time where trade was sometimes the only means of survival. Delivered in survival kits called “Life Barter Kit, the Snow Star was accompanied by a pendant, two rings and a chain, all cast in gold. In this way, if a soldier was to be captured, lacked food, or simply found themselves in a tricky situation…The Snow Star and its very refined aspect would have everything to convince the enemy of its trade value. Reliability, durability and preciousness, many soldiers were able to survive get out alive in this way. 

Novel-like the Snow Star holds well to its icons. It has accompanied many perilous discoveries – with a clean, sleek and oblong shape the Milus shows its flexibility. However, its robustness too. Cast in one of the most resistant of steels, the Snow Star affirms its character in the famed 904 L steel. However, it is its mirror polish that allows it to shine with fire, just like a most precious object! Swiss, without a doubt. 

Sober, iconic, eternal, its movement makes this timepiece a true jewel of watchmaking. The ETA 2892 movement gives it ultimate nobility. Novel-like still, as the Snow Star in its reedited version for the 100 years of Milus wants to be the ideal of today’s adventurers. Rethought to satisfy modern travelers seeking new inspiration, experiences and forever avid explorers that wish to go beyond mountains. Not surprising when we discover that the Snow Star from Milus borrows its name from the snow peaked heights of the country which nursed it. An icon to discover here and there.