The McLaren 765LT Takes The Top Off

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The McLaren 765LT Takes The Top Off

In the small world of supercars, McLaren holds a premium spot as a manufacturer with an extensive selection of how end products. After the mighty 720S, its Spider derivative and the even more powerful 720S based 765LT, the brand has announced the Spider version of the 765LT, as exclusive as the coupé, only more breathtaking still.

As it is custom with cabriolet cars, there is no big surprise or change in regards to the coupé model from which it is derived.; take the 765LT and replace the roof with a retractable hard top that retracts in the space of 11 seconds at speeds up to 50 km/h. Evidently, this is a cabriolet. Thus there is a slight overweight compared to the coupé, in this case of 49 kilos for a total of 1388 kilos, which is totally acceptable in the realm of supercars.

To contain and restrict its mass, McLaren has once again used and abused of carbon fibers light and resistant nature, especially for the monohull’s structure. And to further this idea, the 765LT is devoid of carpet mats, an sound system and air conditioning. If you are one of the 765 clients of this product, however, you can very well have one of these features install at no extra cost, thankfully, given the starting price of the model; a minimum of 372 500 euros is the price to pay for the 765LT Spider, with the minimum amount of features and a nearly obligatory trip through MSO, the brand’s customisation department. Who would want a 765LT that is identical to that of another proud owner?

The car’s name speaks for itself; the V8 4 litre bi-turbo engine develops a powerful 765 horespower for an 800 Nm torque. Performance is insane with a 2.8 second 0 to 100km/h acceleration, and 7.2 second 0 to 200 km/h acceleration with a top speed of 330 km/h. Nearly the same perfomance as that of the coupé.

The technical basis of the 765LT Spider is the 720S Spider, and even though the 720S is already an accomplished supercar, Woking’s engineers have managed to push the boundaries a little further; the suspension is stronger, the front path having been enlarged and the ride height having been reduced. The car possesses 10 branch forged alloy rims clothed in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires and carbon-ceramic discs. Its clamps were directly borrowed from the McLaren Senna.

MSO (McLaren Specila Operation) offers two distinct packs to decorate the 765LT with: the Clubsport pack, allowing for a slight weight advantage with its thinner carbon-fiber tubs and the presence of an embarked telemetry system for the track-racing aficionados out there. The other is dubbed “Black Pack”, and is mainly aesthetic with a few darker elements.

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