The Marshmallow Coat by Gucci for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

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In 128 looks, the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection presented in Milan bore witness to an abundance of inspiration. Within the group’s new headquarters, on a podium imagined with a plexiglass surrounding, like viewing glass separating the audience from a number of rare species, these 128 Gucci personalities opened a new chapter for next season called “The Alchemist’s Garden”. This dreamy wardrobe is practically off its rocker.

Once more, Michele’s style lived up to expectations: decadent, fabulous, uncanny, the colors, fabrics, and prints as wild as they were delicate, the cuts and a patchwork of eras have made this one of the most highly anticipated collections of next season. Michele is first and foremost an equilibrist, a designer who intends to bring a twist to the entirety of his inspirations in order to bring the world an anti-modern wardrobe, with a stylistic vocabulary that’s off the beaten path and defies simple classifications in the meanwhile.

The Gucci Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection is free, diverse, and definitively in step with the era. Among the looks presented, #33 grabs the attention as a Gucci signature par excellence. This marshmallow coat made to perfection in a baby pink fully inhabits its rhinestones and allegorical motifs. Another reference point is Gucci’s relationship with the world of cinema – this marshmallow coat is an unparalleled piece. A reference to cinema, one of the inspirations for this designer who once dreamed of designing costumes for the big screen: “In my eyes, each collection is a chapter in a story. Each look is a character. I spend lots of time constructing each of them and I don’t care that they’re not models.” Gucci is after all a cinematic story in its own right with the same underlying message of fantastical liberty.

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