The Man of the Future

On Friday, June 7th, Karl Lagerfeld’s second concept store opened. Here, all that is digital and high tech occupies a prominent place.

This new fashion temple leaves nothing to be desired and promises to be the most avant-garde and “futuristic” concept store of them all, if we dare say it. It has set up shop on Paris’ 25 rue Vieille du Temple, where the black and white universe of the boutique marvelously reflects the identity of Lagerfeld himself. Karl Lagerfeld is turning a new page with this 100% digital high fashion location where iPads integrated into the racks allow you to see entire collections.

Men’s and women’s ready-to-wear lines, limited editions, and accessories: it’s a digital shopping spree like you never imagined. Touch screens, interactive fitting rooms, and a guestbook 2.0 are all present and accounted for. This concept store opened three months after Karl Lagerfeld’s first in Paris’ Saint Germain neighborhood, much less interactive than this one.

Photobooths in the iPad area allow you to leave a message for the couturier or access news about the brand. Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t finished surprising us and is once again proving that his avant-garde point of view and perpetual work are always at the cutting edge of technology. Karl Lagerfeld is in line with the times and striking home this season with this new concept store that has already gotten tongues wagging.

Long live Karl 2.0!

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