The ‘Les Mots Dalle-Ore” Exhibition in Paris

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The ‘Les Mots Dalle-Ore” Exhibition in Paris

She cites among her masters Basquiat and Twombly – Corinne Dalle-Ore invests the Marciano Contemporary Gallery until January 2nd 2020. 

The world of Corinne Dalle-Ore resonates like the very essence of her inspiration – this Parisian artist sources in her travels and her semi-nomadic lifestyle a myriad of impressions, sensations and emotions that she expresses on her canvas. Curious and observant, Corinne Dalle-Ore rips, glues, paints, writes, convolutes on the canvas in colours at once vibrant and toned down. The idea? To spark inspired visions from portraits that have entered popular culture. Justly so, it is precisely this pop culture that runs in the ink of her canvases. 

Advertising posters, comic books, Pop icons and fashion figure … What Corinne Dalle-Ore appreciates the most is the deliciously kitsch aesthetic of the 1950s and 60s. Turning it around enchants her even more! On her canvases the  particular hues, materials and grains come to give life to the senses – her works have a tactile dimension. 

Her gallery of portraits shows her desire to titillate the impressions of the public. Emblematic figures of the 20th century, engaged, political, love or hated … Corinne Dalle-Ore extracts them from their context in order to accentuate their traits! “My job builds itself around the icon, combination of collage and paint but paint takes over to forget the collage … a little bit like photo painting”. In her paintings, memory and past join with the present to inject a honest or new, poetic or funny vision onto the icons of our time. With an interesting subtlety, Corinne Dalle-Ore distilled a personal vision between nostalgia and modernity, provocation or adoration. 

Most of all, the art of Dalle-Ore wants to celebrate strong women with complex destinies and even stronger characters. Woman as the likes of Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel or even Marilyn Monroe who have opened a path for a new vision of the woman, tentatively setting her place in art and culture”. “I identify a lot with these women. I like their beauty, this charisma. Marilyn, I transferred her into a saint. I transformed Kate Moss into Frida Kahlo” A group of figurative works, shown through fantasist and free perspectives. To be discovered with pleasure at 4 places des Vosges, until January 2nd 2020 at the Marciano Contemporary gallery