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The master of Swiss watchmaking has succeeded in recreating all the excitement stirred up by its ancestor, with the neo Ladymatic: reintroducing, in these times of change, a new generation of timepieces sporting distinct contours. Already equipped with the smallest automatic movements conceived by Omega in the 50s, these days the piece is banking on something other than women’s aspiration to acquire their own watch like back in the day: the Ladymatic is for all those who refuse to let time slip away. With a polished dial, 34 millimeters in diameter, coupled with an engraving depicting a whirlpool and a ringed casing, time will lend itself to you willingly.

However intense the sunlight or moonlight, the pearl or lacquered dials will shine through with the shimmering hue of the ceramic bezel. Soft, wholesome colors bring refinement into a new era: this newest incarnation will only be appreciated by the most refined of women who, like the design house’s muse Nicole Kidman, only hide from Father Time in order to catch him later on.

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