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This wardrobe is très French, made for the Parisian woman and those who aspire to be like her. The pieces presented in the Jardin des Plantes gave off a very Marant-esque sense of detachment. Romantic but precise, pure in their inspiration, the Fall/Winter 2017 collection is for a woman that’s out of this world. Made sensual in long dresses, sleek with the precision of different mixtures, Isabel Marant’s inspired woman unleashes her wild class.

It just so happens that she likes to work with the details, and that’s where the trends are set – a maxi belt with a large buckle urbanizes wispy dresses or gives a touch of chic to a double breasted blazer. The key silhouette in this runway: by instinctively composing these pieces, Isabel Marant gives us a complete and ideal look for evening outings – black pants with a rhinestone strip paired with a super-belted jacket. In a few words, this is the equation for the iconic look from Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 2017 runway – suave, cozy, rock’n’roll glamour.

But that we already knew. One of the key pieces in Isabel Marant’s wardrobe for the coming season is thus this ultra-desirable piece: a gypsy dress that’s a bit pastoral with a romance that’s a tad dark, pinpointing exactly what the coolest girls are looking for. On model Anna Ewers, this dress is paired with large boots that are a signature of the label. This is definitely one of the trendiest must-have silhouettes.

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