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Hermès has once again achieved a feat of pure ingenuity in poignantly revering the ancestral art of natural indigo tinting, originally perfected by the craftsmen of Bangladesh, offering a new indigo version of its “carré” scarf in the process.

Scrupulously following tradition, the designer’s artisans have plunged into silk, twill, and cashmere, emerging with a golden halo of perfection as per usual. Raw, stone, and super stone finishes couple with a 70-format scarf touched up with cashmere fibers. The finished product is then slipped into an orange box, plain, chic, and marked with Hermes’ tell-tale equestrian insignia. This little gem shines with wisdom, serenity, and a touch of joie de vivre. And what better time than right now to start reflecting on the best way to sanctify the love that we bear for the ones who have a place in our hearts?

In disheveled hair or on your belt loop, this indigo carré scarf has no trouble adapting itself to your personality. But watch out: it’s a limited edition piece!

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