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Immerse yourself in paradise. Inaugurated in 2006, the hundreds of villas on stilts that make up the Saint Régis would soon become the ultimate destination for young newlyweds. The hotel hasn’t always kept under the radar either: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were one of the first celebrity couples to stay there, making for a very inspired honeymoon indeed. What sets this hotel apart is… Bora Bora, without a doubt one of the most enrapturing islands in French Polynesia. Its landscape unfolds around a turquoise lagoon whose breathtaking blue that sparkles in the sun will no doubt capture the soul.

The refinement of these villas on stilts, the gastronomic restaurant Lagoon, entrusted to New York chef Jean-Georges, and its 1,200 m2 spa, situated in the middle of nature on a private motu and offering treatments using pure nacre and pearl powder – all are pretexts for the luxury of the Saint Régis. With a number of maîtres d’hôtel on call to fulfill your every desire, the experience is palpable, bound to turn dreams into memories. To perfect your visit to the island, this hotel also offers a number of relaxing bike trips along the coast… Even better, the spa resort, isolated on an island in the middle of its own lagoon, allows you to take a breath and enjoy a moment spent among tropical fish and coral, protected in an environment that’s quite literally cut off from the outside world.

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