The History of Omega

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The History of Omega

A letter of the Greek alphabet that has become one of the most significant logos in watchmaking history

Omega and Caliber 19

Omega owes its name to one of its inventions. An exceptional caliber which also inspired its logo!

Caliber 19, And Omega Name

Founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, the Omega house may not yet bear the name that will bring it to posterity, but it already overflows with an essential ambition. When Louis Brandt founded his establishment counter, it was with the ambition to manufacture the most precise watches in the world.

His sons, the heirs of the house, would turn it into a reality. They industrialized the house in 1879. To do this, and without losing the first idea of ​​their father, they would then launch in 1894 the most effective first caliber in mass production.

This caliber is the “Omega Caliber 19 lines”. In addition to giving its name to the house which was called, from the turn of the 20th century, Omega, this caliber would offer Omega a considerable advance over other companies. In 1900, Omega won the first prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. A sign of their expertise and of the revolution they initiated!

Omega Logo

This is what the Omega logo says. Precise, sober, the iconic Ω has more than one reference.

A cosmological symbol, the Omega symbol refers to the density of the universe. Following the release of an unimaginable energy during the Big Bang, the universe would have spread and cooled, allowing the formation of the universal substance.

The Omega logo is also and above all understood as the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. As the symbol of the Great End, it echoes the idea of ​​a culmination. The idea appeared in 1895 in an Omega advertising campaign where Chronos, the god of time, pointed to the Ω sign – symbol of the universal.

Another sign of recognition for Omega’s expertise is the vague motif. A reference to the exploration of the seas.

The Wave Pattern, An Omega Code

Because Omega expertise is a sign of reliability, the house was one of the key suppliers to the British army. As comfortable in the air as in the sea, Omega watches have even ensured the sustainability of the Apollo missions.

A complete sign of this mastery, the Seamaster watch represents Omega well. A watch engraved on the back of the dial with a seahorse. Before the Seamaster, was the Navy.

It was the first watch specially designed for divers in 1932. The Navy laid the foundations for the Seamaster collection. A collection where the icons follow and are not alike. The Seamaster Planet Ocean, the Seamaster 300, and the Aqua Terra are all timepieces with a reputation for combining beauty and functionality.

A reputation that, on the wrist of James Bond, a former member of the British Navy, has reached new heights. 

It is specifically to celebrate this know-how between refinement and precision that the Omega house distills its codes on equally impressive sunglasses. Underwater, as in the sun, the waves help to acclimatize to the hazards of nature!