The Hermès Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

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The Hermès Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

During a global pandemic, this is the new format that Véronique Nichanian introduced her vision of the Hermès man for Spring/Summer 2021.

The Hermès Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

It is at the heart of the Pantin workshops that the house of Hermès delivered a film performance in collaboration with Cyril Teste. Entitled “Hors-Champs”, the performance featured the new timeless pieces of the house epitome of French luxury – more dynamism and spontaneity!

At the head of the men’s creation of the Hermès house since 1988, Véronique Nichanian seems to have drawn from this very particular context a vision of elegance, again targeting eternity. Noble materials, stripes and overlays thus elevate the Hermès icons to the rank of more than perfect clothes.

Pieces where the leathers shine even more of their finesse on sandals, with a sole tinted with the legendary orange Hermès . Shirts cut in the volume of the jackets, and jackets like shirts – stone, pale blue or gravel or storm, to use Hermès terminology. Shirts again where the cotton streak hints at the iconic anchor chain, this time in a subtle ethereal print.

Once staged by Cyril Teste, the pieces from the Spring/Summer 2021 Man Hermès collection gain spontaneity!

“I did a show in Pantin in the workshop once before, a long time ago, and it was my idea to come back here where the craftsmen are, in this beautiful space with beautiful light.” details Véronique Nichanian.

A crossover between dressers, models, cameramen where each plays his role in a film performance which, ultimately, takes more of an authentic testimony to the soul of the house Hermès. A house where we watch over quality and refinement in an atmosphere that is both tinged with reality and dreamlike.

Cyril Teste says it: Hors Champs was “a meeting between two sensibilities.” A film which does not aim to “make an event” but to “shape our meeting born around a job and a necessity.”

A performance that highlights all the relevance of Hermès silhouettes – to see here .