The Hermès Arceau Watch: A History of Time

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The Hermès Arceau Watch: A History of Time

At Hermès, time is not a measure but an emotion – a poetic vision that can be found in the iconic Arceau watch. An elegant watch inspired by galloping horses.

A Ladies’ Watch, Poetic And Elegant

When in 1978 Henri d’Origny imagined a watch marked by rigor and style for the Hermès house, he imagined a playful and refined watch. Playful because the Arceau watch has fun with the paradox between fantasy and classicism.

Henri d’Origny inserted a typography of figures inspired by the so fascinating movement of a galloping horse. The Arceau watch was thus born from the originality which pushed Hermès to play with established codes to live its own time.

It must be said that Hermès has been working for a long time to magnify all everyday objects. Thanks to their demanding, practical and functional know-how, Hermès artisans can afford all their fantasies – and in a watch so sublime, they hold pure poetry.

If you had to own one watch, it would be the Arceau

In reality, time, at Hermès, is also an object. Rather than measuring it or trying to control it, the house imposes its singularity by anchoring itself precisely in another time. At Hermès, time is intended to arouse emotions.

In blue lacquered or poured in a hazelnut tone, the Arceau family added in 2017 a large format model; 40mm in diameter.

At the heart of these jewels beats the caliber of Manufacture Hermès H1837. A mechanism once again orchestrated not to try to tame time, but to infuse the cadence at every moment.

Here, it frees itself from constraints, lines and gains in style. Dressed in an abyss blue alligator leather strap or mat tow, time travels its own way – in the footsteps of the skillful gestures of the craftsmen of the house .

The Arceau watch does not seek to master all the codes, it invents new ones. Precisely, in 2020, the Arceau watch exposes the codes of watchmaking between light and shade. Simply an icon of Hermès stamp!