The Green-Red-Green Web, The Gucci Mark

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The Green-Red-Green Web, The Gucci Mark

Recognizable in the blink of an eye, the Gucci signature tells the story of the founder, and the inspiration at the heart of his house.

1921. When Guccio Gucci founded his house in Florence, the man already had experience, inspiration and a clear vision of fashion behind him. Former employee of the Savoy hotel in London, Guccio Gucci rubbed shoulders with the British aristocracy. He retained a look and above all, a series of equestrian elements that will nourish his creation. Among them, the web – belt enclosing the belly of the horse that kept the saddle in place. It is this web which, years later, forms the green-red-green band. The colors? The red echoes the jacket of British fox hunters. Green for the wealthy owners of the countryside.

In the 1950s, the Italian Riviera was the epitome of glamor and sophistication – Gucci became its flagship house! And when in 1964, Gucci introduced a version of its Jackie bag stamped with the green-red-green web, the signature was made. We find it on a number of collaborations as if to denote an incredible luxury. In 1979, Gucci x Cadillac. In 2010, on the iconic Aqua Riva. She even stamps the first Gucci watch in 1989. From a simple design, the Gucci web has become a very effective code.

Tom Ford then changes it into a full-fledged piece – which became a belt in the Fall of 2000. Frida Giannini explores its relevance around new materials. As for the creative tornado that is Alessandro Michele, it is in a freak and chic vein that he deploys all his potential. Here again associated with the rest of Gucci grammar, the web punctuates a number of pieces in a vein sometimes streetwear sometimes graphic, but always very, very flamboyant! This is the strength of the green-red-green band; sort of Arianne’s thread from Gucci, sealing all that comes out of it with glamor.