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Since 1843, this place has known the Prohibition of 1930 and World War II, and yet still hasn’t ceased to be an emblem of innovation and perfection. Glenmorangie whisky owes this first and foremost to its stills, the highest in the world. With an almost spherical base and a long neck that rises to above five meters in height, the ebb especially makes for a light and almost aromatic distillate. At the heart of the “Valley of Tranquility”, the Glenmornagie distillery produces a very, very complex whisky appreciated by a select club of true whisky lovers.
Then comes the taste of a pure and soft whisky. It’s ample and voluminous in the mouth, with a long finish dominated by notes of honey and spices. The other unique feature of Glenmorangie comes from its use of mineral-rich hard water from the Tarlogie – indeed, the flavor of the water used generally effects a whisky’s character.
Finally, what would Glenmorangie be without the men of Tain, expert artisans who have borne its distillation secrets from generation to generation? “At Glenmorangie, our obsession for understanding the aging process in the barrels was influenced by more than 25 years of research.” Bill Lumsden, both chai master and “director of creation” at the distillery, is thus perpetuating the legacy of the world’s oldest distillery to bring us the famous Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or, using the same barrels as Château d’Yquem. Flavorful and exceptional, Glenmorangie is an icon of its genre.

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