The first Fine Jewelry Collection by Pomellato

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The first Fine Jewelry Collection by Pomellato

Pomellato introduces ‘La Gioia’, the first fine jewelry collection that enchants the iconic codes of the Italian house with sensual volumes and unusual gems.

Pomellato, The First Fine Jewelry Collection

Since its founding by Pino Rabolini in 1967 in Milan, Pomellato has never ceased to shake up the sometimes conservative codes of jewelry. With its daring attire, studded with colorful gems and damn splendid, the Pomellato house is recognized for having set new standards in the work of gold and stones.

In 2020, here is “La Gioia”, the first fine jewelry collection from the most unique silversmith in Milan.

With “La Gioia”, Pomellato Enters Fine Jewelry

The Pomellato house is iconic for its gold pieces with particular curves, and its free and shimmering colors. The Nudo rings or the little Orsetto capture all the spirit.

Powerful, creative and daring, Pomellato jewels this time distill their faticiousness in even more magnified versions!

Entering into fine jewelry, Pomellato, on the contrary, did not abandon their nonconformism.

“La Gioia by Pomellato truly expresses who we are, the deep identity of Pomellato who is not an elitist jeweler. This collection reflects a form of Italian art de vivre where we do not distinguish between everyday jewelry and ceremonial jewelry, between those we wear and those we leave to the trunk. In Italy, the beautiful is not scary, it sublimates life!” said Sabina Belli, CEO of the house.

With around 165 pieces that are as many necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, La Gioia introduces a sublimated vision of Pomellato DNA. The love of color and unusual gems; the taste of curb chains and XXL links – but above all, the irresistible appeal of irregular gem-set, perfectly mastered.

Cut in the large workshop of Casa Pomellato, the pieces of the fine jewelry collection of the house reveals all that the impertinence of Pomellato is exceptional. When it is coupled with such craftsmanship, it can only give birth to even more frenzied icons!

The iconic Nudo rings find a more sophisticated aura here – the Tango chains and famous hard stones of Ritratto win to be enchanted in a craftsmanship of excellence that can only serve the sparkling imagination of Pomellato.

The first Pomellato fine jewelry collection finally marks the meeting between the chic and the joyful Pomellato. Creations to be worn in a lively and radiant way! This is fine jewelry by Pomellato: inevitably flamboyant and sublime.