The “Double-G” Gucci, Echo of Eternity

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It all began with the death of Guccio Gucci, famous founder of the Tuscan luxury house, and the takeover of the company successively by his sons, Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo. Using the initials of the maker of Gucci, Aldo Gucci gave birth, in tribute to his father, to the famous “double-G” logo. From its creation in the early 1950s, this logo became emblematic and embodied Italian luxury, fashion and style. The emblem of the two “G” logo is often considered the most popular and internationally recognized designer logo. Originally used as a handbag clasp from the original workshop located in Via delle Caldaie in Florence, the logo consists of two locks represented by the initials of Guccio Gucci. This dynamic, mixed with its black color, represents the harmony, the domination as well as the excellence of the brand, notorious character traits still undoubtedly present in the DNA of the house today.

Similar to Guccio Gucci’s insatiable desire to unify Tuscan craftsmanship with the elegance of English nobility with which he had imbued himself during the works at the Savoy hotel, the “double-G” has not since its inception. creation has not stopped metamorphosing and evolving without ever failing in its image. Whether cast in gold or silver, woven on the most luxurious textiles or stamped on leather, the Gucci logo has followed the rise of the legendary house in the green-red-green stripe. The clientele of the time, mainly composed of wealthy aristocrats and stars with names evoking greatness such as Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor or Samuel Beckett allowed the brand and its famous initials to spread around the world. At the same time photographed on big names of the cinema and the high worldly sphere, the GG logo brought Gucci values ​​to everyone’s eyes. Endlessly used on countless models and new aesthetics, from the round shape to the suggested via the reverse, the GG logo is a symbol of luxury but also of the contemporaneity of the Gucci house as well as of its values ​​which that having evolved remain those of its creator.

Whatever its declination, the “double-G” has been able to cross generations, whether it is made of gold, crocodile, stamped on suede, woven on silks or now adorning covers for computer and iPad, is the link between the rich heritage of the beginnings and the future of the Gucci label. Inseparable and synonymous with absolute luxury, this astonishing clarity at the same time simple but so full of history has not finished making the most discerning among us dream, and all the more so under the baton of the artistic director Alessandro Michele .