The Double F Inhabits The Fendi AH 2022 Collection

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The Double F Inhabits The Fendi AH 2022 Collection

Silvia Venturini Fendi présage les nouvelles Années Folles et taille pour les occasions à venir un vestiaire de néo-dandy habité par le double F Fendi…

Double F Fendi: A classic and unconventional wardrobe

“I wanted to celebrate the classic wardrobe with which you are dressing for occasions – these are very rare now, so they should be celebrated even more than before.” Silvia Venturini Fendi, foreshadowing what she considers to be the New Roaring Twenties, envisions the Fendi man’s wardrobe as that of a neo-dandy.

Fendi Homme 2022

However, you can count on the house of Fendi to blend casual attire with Italian haute couture effortlessly. In the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, the fabric and traditional textures such as gingham check tweed, houndstooth suits, and tuxedos are brought together with unexpected details to make their mark on today’s era.

Fendi Men 2022

Fendi watches were attached to the straps of the men’s Mary Janes – as these timepieces are becoming more and more decorative… From knee high socks to broad, long deconstructed coats incorporating the Double F logo which is undeniably the emblem which underpins this entire sensual and elegant collection. Anything but the ordinary!

Fendi Homme 2022

The infamous logo can be seen embossed on the Peekaboo bags, sneakers, lapels, and on long cosy and chic fur jackets This logo is only rivalled by the O’Lock chain motif – a new monogram that is sure to be seen in future Fendi men’s collections. In particular, during what is without a doubt a major revolution, Silvia Venturini Fendi displayed the first Fendi wallet for crypto-currency The O’Lock motif meets the Baguette bag design in a wallet designed to hold the Ledger Nano X, the digital crypto-currency wallet.

Fendi Ledger 2022

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