The Dior Fall/Winter 2020 Collection and La Rosa Mutabilis

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The Dior Fall/Winter 2020 Collection and La Rosa Mutabilis

Maria Grazia Chuiri distills a precious rose from China in her Dior Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Blooming on the icons of the house which is reminiscent of the influence of China on Monsieur’s imagination.

Dior and China: A Story of Rose

While reversing fashion with the manifesto of his collection presented in 1947, Christian Dior distilled in this first collection his love for floral prints and silhouettes of the Orient.

Silhouettes inspired by a fantasized vision of China. A country where Christian Dior had never been before.

China Dreamed of Monsieur Dior

1947 is a key date in the world of Dior. Already because 30 Avenue Montaigne hosted for the first time a collection designed by Monsieur Dior. It was then in 1947 and above all the collection that laid the groundwork for the aesthetics of the house .

In this collection, the Tailleur bar poses the Dior grammar. The silhouettes inspired by China imagined by Monsieur Dior finished determining their aesthetics!

In this first parade we notice all the panache of an overcoat baptized Shanghai, worn with a Tonkinese hat. In 1948, he continued to explore the vocabulary of the Chinese tradition and presented his models entitled ‘China’, ‘Beijing’ and ‘Shanghai’.

In 1950, it was the ideograms that inspired him with a print for a dress from the Vertical line. Even more masterful, in 1955, Dior reinterpreted the traditional qipao dress, worn by Shanghai women in the inter-war period.

But at Dior, they borrowed a bright pink hue, and became a whole: Surprise, cut for Fall/Winter 1955.

And when Christian Dior’s passion for flowers – and roses – meet a rare hope from China, everything falls in place to inspire the Dior Fall/Winter 2020 collection!

The Dior Fall / Winter 2020 Collection, And La Rosa Mutabilis

Imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Fall/Winter 2020 collection distills a print transferring the hypnotic Rosa Mutabilis to Dior icons.

This species of rose from China has the particularity of changing color according to its blooming. Thus applied to the icons that are the Dior Book Tote, the Walk’n’Dior sneakers, the J’Adior pumps and the scarf Mitzah, named after the muse of Monsieur. La Rosa Mutabilis emanates all the enchantments of Dior grammar.

Monsieur himself could not have been otherwise enchanted by such a collection. He wrote in his  Little Dictionary of Fashion in 1954: “I think the floral prints are wonderful – the silk prints, beautiful colors, are perfect for afternoon sets, evening dresses or cocktail dresses. In bright colors too, floral prints can brighten up holiday clothes. ”