The Clicquot Lounge Pop-Up at the Buddha Bar Paris

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Once more, the Buddha Bar Paris is becoming a window into one of the greatest brands in the French luxury universe. With an exclusive pop-up space for Veuve Clicquot, the bar has redesigned its mezzanine in champagne colors. From March 1st to April 17th, the Buddha Bar and its head barman Jean Munos are offering revelers the chance to discover the Veuve Clicquot universe through an experience subtly named “Clicquology”.

The idea is a simple one: initiate and invite people to discover the multiple facets of a fabulous champagne through a selection of three brand new cocktails. With one cocktail offering a base of black tea, one with grapefruit, and one with pineapple and lime, the beverage is also accompanied by a menu of tapasian created by chef Iimura Shijeki.

This sparkling and exclusive pop-up will allow lovers of champagne to find all of Veuve Clicquot’s emblematic vintages: Brut Carte Jaune, a symbol of the brand since 1772, the distinctive and powerful 2008 millĂ©sime, the fruity and tasty RosĂ©, or the famous tĂȘte de cuvĂ©e Grande Dame, a veritable homage to Madame Clicquot. The Clicquot Lounge at the Buddha Bar Paris also exclusively offers the brand’s latest creation called Rich.

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