The Chanel N°5 Clutch for Métiers d’Art 2017

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The Place Vendôme has long been one of the inspirations for Chanel; indeed, Coco and the Place Vendôme have been linked for quite a while. She who never wanted to stay put made the Place Vendôme, and in particular the Ritz, her very own headquarters. When it came to giving a physical shape to a penetrating scent, Gabrielle Chanel borrowed from the right angles of the octagonal plaza to yield her very first perfume, N°5, its flask sealed with an octagonal stopper.

Today just for the Métiers d’Art 2017 runway, Karl Lagerfeld is getting the opportunity to play with his muse once again. Created like a post-modern lucky charm, the Chanel N°5 clutch is made out of a plexiglass flask and flanked with rows of pearls. This artisanal work is so fantastic that it is able to celebrate the unique qualities of a design imagined close to a century ago. This mischievous but pragmatic aesthetic also boasts a nostalgic clasp.

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