The Chanel 2021 Cruise Collection

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The Chanel 2021 Cruise Collection

Lighter and easier to live with, the Chanel Croisière 2021 collection cuts the icons of Rue Cambon for a ‘Mediterranean Walk’.

The Chanel 2021 Cruise Collection

“I first had Capri in mind, where the parade was to take place, which was not possible following the confinement. So we had to adapt. Not only did we decide to use fabrics that we already had, but the collection generally evolved more towards a stroll in the Mediterranean. The islands, the scent of eucalyptus, the rose of bougainvilleas.”

“Walk in the Mediterranean”. Like a composition brimming with sweet memories, the current artistic director of Chanel, Virginie Viard has imagined a collection echoing the heritage of an exceptional house.

It must be said that Coco Chanel, in its time already, imagined silhouettes for women who love sport and outdoor activities. With tanned skin and short hair, Chanel herself embodied her modern fashion, because the look was relaxed.

This is much more than is found in the Cruise collection of Chanel 2021. A collection bathed in the delicacy and charm of the Riviera, where Coco also loved to spend her pass time.

Free, relaxed and above all full of style, the silhouettes imagined from existing fabrics distill the ambition of essential pieces because they are complete. “A wardrobe that would fit in a small suitcase on wheels, a shopping bag and an embroidered bag,” adds Virginie Viard.

A collection presented in the form of a lookbook, and a video overflowing with serenity. A Chanel woman embodied by Mica Argañaraz and Camille Hurel under the eye of photographer Karim Sadli.

Chanel Style Revisited In ‘Voyager Léger’ Version

Among the icons of the house, we first find the pioneering idea of Gabrielle Chanel – that of clothes that blend perfectly with each other, and can transform.

The long skirts transform into bustier dresses, once wound up. The legendary tailor thinks of soft leather, but retains the ambition of being a second skin. Unlined tweed for more fluidity. Pink, like a sweet memory of summer!

We also put on the long black muslin jackets directly on the swimsuit and, notes Virginie Viard: “if you wear them naked, they become a negligee. “

The Chanel style was revisited in a ‘Voyager Léger’ version.  A versatile and sensual wardrobe – an ode to the South and to lightness, signed by the refinement of which the Chanel workshops are experts of.