The BR 0392 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross

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The BR 0392 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross completed the iconic BR 0392 DIVER collection with the BR 0392 Diver Full Lum. A technical watch, coupled with a powerful and elegant graphic!

The BR 0392 Diver from Bell & Ross, Diving Icon

You can recognize a Bell & Ross watch at a glance – it’s the aesthetic power that made it, from the 90s, an iconic house!

This time, the house completed its line of watches for explorers of the seabed. Since 1997 and the introduction of the first Bell & Ross diving watch, the Hydromax watch waterproof to 11,100 meters, the house has endeavored to respond to the challenges of the abyss with watches cut for their exploration, obscure and demanding.

Rich in this heritage, it is in 2007 that the house set a new milestone in its history with the BR 02 collection. At the heart of it is the BR 0392 Diver watch that marked the world of diving with its emblematic square case.

Strong marker of the identity of Bell & Ross, the square shape is this time subject to the intransigence of the maritime domain. Professional and incredibly aesthetic underwater instruments, here is the formula that today leads Bell & Ross to complete the BR 02 line with the new BR 0392 Diver Full Lum.

The New BR 0392 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross

The new BR 0392 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross is an innovative and prodigious watch.

Prodigious by what it offers, around these 42mm in diameter, optimal readability. Bell & Ross has adapted its Lum concept to its diving collection, overturning the traditional principles of legibility day and night by playing with inverted contrasts. Thanks to the Superluminova!

It must be said that Bell & Ross expertise in maritime exploration is the result of a collective experience – bringing together the knowledge of its designers, master watchmakers and divers.

Thus the BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross meets the vital requirements of divers. A craft guaranteed by the name “Diving watches”, which is protected by the international standard ISO 6425.

As beautiful as it is technical, the BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum is therefore presented in matt black ceramic. Its unidirectional rotating bezel, graduated 60 minutes, also in ceramic, is covered with a luminescent green painted in Superluminova┬«.

Indexes and metallic hands are visible through skeletonized appliques, filled with Superluminova®, too. Take a good look, the BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum from Bell & Ross can be the kind of object of desire to inspire vocations!