The Big Bang E By Hublot, A Connected Icon

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The Big Bang E By Hublot, A Connected Icon

The most iconic watch in the Hublot repertoire breaks down a new frontier with the Big Bang E. A brand new version of the icon, this time changed into a connected watch.

Hublot, The Fusion Between Digital And Traditional Materials

As we know, Hublot carries “the art of fusion” at the heart of his creation. It is in the very logo of the house that one can read all the ambition carried, since 1980, by Carlo Crocco, founder of Hublot.

Thus, the icons in the Hublot repertoire are constantly reinventing themselves through the prism of technological or aesthetic advances. Among them, the Big Bang watch – imagined in 2005.

The New Big Bang E

The UEFA reference watch is adorned with a new concept making the Big Bang E a connected watch. Digital, certainly, but a watch steeped in character and Hublot aesthetics.

The CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, explained as follows: “We want to create a new market with a luxury smartwatch aimed at customers fond of technology, but looking for a connected watch that stands out for the quality of the external components (which are exactly the same as the mechanical Big Bang), a recognizable design (that of our icon, the Big Bang), as well as its rarity.”

And it is true that the new Big Bang E is once again revolutionizing the watchmaking sector. Ceramic or titanium case, rubber strap, Google’s Wear OS operating system… “The art of fusion” Hublot therefore operates around this watch cut between digital technologies and traditional materials.

Functions of the Hublot Big Bang E

Because where we can easily distinguish all the codes of the Big Bang, the new Big Bang E Hublot surprises with functions previously unseen!

Besides the traditional time and date functions, the Big Bang E has a GMT dial function. Coupled with a representation of the Earth, benefiting from an extraordinary 3D effect!

Ricardo Guadalupe further explains: “We have also developed a digital precision perpetual calendar dial, that is impossible to create mechanically. You can see the moon exactly as you can see it in the sky. We also decided to involve our #Hublotlovesart ambassadors, with a first series of eight dials from the imagination of artist Marc Ferrero. During the day, every three hours, the dial changes color, allowing you to see the eight creations scroll in 24 hours. The watch therefore punctuates the day when you wear it.”

The glass of the iconic Big Bang dial is covered this time with a touch screen – inside, the  Qualcomm  Snapdragon wear processor allows the Big Bang E to accommodate the functions of an ePop chip. Either 1 GB of Ram and 8 GB of storage space.

Enough to multiply the already exponential desirability of such an icon of watchmaking, inspired by a ship porthole … The Big Bang is indeed reinventing itself very quickly, as its design lends itself so cheerfully!