The Belvedere Midnight Saber: the Essence of Summer Parties

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Belvedere first came about in 1993, and soon their vodka would find itself on the shelves of the best bars in the world. Their double distilling procedure gives a very special taste: water comes together with eau-de-vie during the assembly, reaching the ideal temperature of 40° C. This is a precise process, and indeed there’s no simpler way to go about producing Belvedere vodka. Today, Belvedere is exploring new technologies to bring out their latest spirit – the innovation is all taking place in the bottle itself.

The new Magnum Belvedere Midnight Saber pushes an exploration of LED and laser cutting even further than before. This adventure began in 2012 – back then, Belvedere was releasing one of its first light magnums with Night Saber, the first of its lit-up magnums. In 2014, the Silver Saber opened a new chapter by being the first magnum with metallic engravings to light up upon contact with LED lights.

Today, the very first magnum with laser cut-outs is set to light up parties around the world. With the beginning of summer festivities from New York to Ibiza or Bali, the new Midnight Saber, a light magnum equipped with soft touch technology and laser cut-outs is sure to make for a show. “Midnight Saber’s avant-garde design really expresses our engagement for innovation,” declared Charles Gibb, president of Belvedere. Looks like Belvedere will be setting the mood and lighting up parties in the world’s greatest nightclubs!

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