The Balmain Anniversary Fashion Show

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The Balmain Anniversary Fashion Show

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the Balmain house orchestrated an fashion presentation, mixing archival pieces and a new vision carried by Olivier Rousteing.

The Balmain Anniversary Fashion Show

It is a barge which served as a catwalk for the Haute Couture collection of the house of Balmain. A very special collection since it signed the 75th anniversary of the Balmain style, and the 10 years of Olivier Rousteing at its creation!

On the barge which crisscrossed the Seine, a mirrored podium infinitely reflected frankly iconic silhouettes. Those created by Pierre Balmain, first – virtuoso pieces from the archives! These fantastic and opulent dresses which, in the aftermath of the Second World War, made the heads of elegant women around the world turn so much the optimism of the Jolie Madame look put an end to the dark years.

Speaking of black precisely, it is in particular to Pierre Balmain that we owe the reintroduction of this color on the side of elegance and sensuality. He had indeed made the black velvet sheath the ideal for elegant Parisians! Starting with Juliette Greco who adopts it in an even more stripped down version.

The items from the archives of the Balmain 2020 Haute Couture collection show the full extent of the virtuosity of the house’s expertise. The silhouette of Katharine Hepburn in  The Millionairess – was indeed thought by the founder especially for the role. So, she rubbed shoulders with the creations of her successors.

Oscar de La Renta, Erik Mortensen and the iconic Balmain-style creations by Olivier Rousteing. We thus found all the figures of the Parisian woman – chic in bustiers with waisted waists and grandiloquent skirts.

Femme fatale in the silhouettes of Olivier Rousteing, recognizable by her mini dresses in woven raffia. A silhouette that again dusted the Jolie Madame – between marked shoulders and a sublime and iconic work of ornamentation in the Balmain style. A collection that freezes Balmain between well-felt grace and opulence.

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