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In the aftermath of the Second World War, David Brown, the recent purchaser of the Aston Martin team, commissioned the most famous engineer to build his new car. Eberan von Eberhorst, known from before the war for his work at Auto Union, is made in charge of building a race car using the DB2. Powered by the 2.6-litre DB2 Vantage and loaded with 133 horsepower it reached a considerable weight. In the same year of 1950, the DB3 car received a 2.9-litre,163-horsepower vehicle. Thus launched on the slopes, the newly discovered sports model soon became a disappointment… 

Heavy and under-powered, the car took second, third and fourth places in Silverstone in 1952. Unable to fulfill David Brown’s wish, Aston Martin remained far behind the Type C Jaguars.  During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a few months later, it was a disappointment; the three cars gave up the race. However at Goodwood that same year, an hour before the end of the first British night race, the DB3 won the race with Peter Collins and Pat Griffith at the wheel. Unfortunately, this was not enough to convince David Brown who would later assign engineer A.G. Watson to make a new car! He was convinced – Aston Martin had everything in it to win. 

At the end of 1952, engineer A.G. Watson lightened the DB3 by 75 kilos – better yet, he offered it a chassis with a reduced aluminium wheelbase designed by Frank Freely. Enduring, graceful, and perfectly proportioned with its indentations in the front wheel arches, the DB3 is complemented by the initial “S”. Ready to run, the DB3 S did not miss its promise. Out of the 35 races she competed in, she took fifteen first places and thirteen second places, notably in 1958 on the highly coveted 24 Hours of Le Mans! James Bond had no choice but to choose it – now the official car of the most elegant spy, the Aston Martin DB3 became a legend. 

Aston Martin’s DB3, Some Key Dates

2018 :  The Aston Martin DB celebrates  its 70th anniversary.

2017 : The DB3S exhibition takes place at Retromobile.

2016:  An Aston Martin DBS3 is auctioned off at Bonhams.

1959: James Bond drives an Aston Martin DB3.

1958: The DB3 takes second place at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

1957: The DB3 wins the S 3.0 category at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

1956: The DB3 wins the S 3.0 class and second place at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

1955: The DB3 wins the S 3.0 category and second place at the Le Mans 24 Hours. 

1955: The DB3 wins the National Oulton Park category S 3.5.

1955: The Aston Martin DB3S is created.

1953: The DB3 wins the National Silverstone S 3.0 category.

1953: The DB3 takes second place in the Spring Cups in Montlhéry.

1952: The DB3 was second and third in Silverstone International. 

1952: The DB3 wins the Goodwood 9 Hours.

1951: The Aston Martin DB3 is created.