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Aston Martin and James Bond is a tale as old as the modern world. Starting in 1964 with Goldfinger and the legendary DB5’s first appearance, this story is now turning to the next page with Spectre. One thing is certain: the Aston Martin DB10 will only exist on screen. This car is exceptional since it doesn’t resemble any of its fellow Aston Martins. Contrary to the prior generations, each a simple sequential evolution of the one that preceded it, the DB10 is structured with aluminum sheets put together to combine lightness and rigidity. For greater aerodynamics, a number of Aeroblades fit into a series of lateral cooling inlets that emerge when the car is driving fast enough to funnel air on the side, assuring for better steering and stability.

All of these qualities were no doubt decisive in agent 007’s ultimate choice, but the Aston Martin DB10 is captivating in other aspects as well. Its tight rear lines, spherical optics, and gaping radiator grill combine for an aesthetically pleasing effect. The one and only Dr. Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, had this to say about it: “The DB10 is one of the rarest cars ever created.”

And yet, out of the 10 cars specially produced for the film Spectre, only two cars survived the shooting of the 24th entry in the James Bond saga. Last February, the only one to be put up for sale was able to find a buyer at Christie’s in London. This Aston Martin DB10 will have its license plate dedicated by Daniel Craig, with the millions of pounds raised from the sale donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

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