The All New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

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The All New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

The New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

The  pair of sunglasses that connect the headquarters of the House of Dior — a key inspiration that was the Avenue Montaigne on the creation of Monsieur Dior and on the history of fashion! 

Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne

Even before becoming the most idolized fashion designer in the world, Christian Dior loved spending his afternoons on Avenue Montaigne – at the Plaza Athenee, to be precise. In fact, it was the plaza’s bar, with its sensual lines, that inspired his most iconic piece from his collection.

In fact, Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne, was first the Tailleur Bar. The piece that revolutionized fashion overnight in 1947. This piece, thus put this history of fashion back on the rails of femininity – the feminine-flower was its return to modernity!

In reality, Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne, even before the episode of Tailleur Bar,  was a story of passion. When Christian Dior secretly cherished the dream of becoming a fashion designer, he lost himself thinking of the headquarters of his future company. It had to be on Avenue Montaigne and he saw it nowhere else but there!

It was 1956 when Christian Dior acquired 30 Avenue Montaigne. Just a stone’s throw away from Plaza Athenee, his fashion house took place in a private residence. He thus noted in his memoir, “behind the small hotel from the beginning, a new eight-story building – eight workshops – which doubles another building, also eight stories.” noted Christian Dior in his memoires.

This private residence at 30 Avenue Montaigne thus became the lair of Dior couture. The historic headquarters of Monsieur’s couture house were, from floor to ceiling, the exact reflection of Dior taste. Gris Montaigne colors the walls with subtle elegance, the furniture emphasizes the panache of couture. With iconic caning.

It was the influence of 30 Avenue Montaigne of Monsieur’s couture that Maria Grazia Chuiri honored in 2019 with the 30 Montaigne handbag. A handbag became the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2020 sunglasses.

The New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

“ A dream office is a sanctuary for marvelous things.” This is how Christian Dior defined his workshops.

So, we could easily imagine that the latest sunglasses, Dior 30 Montaigne, carry within themselves the same sophistication.

With their oversize squared frames, the sunglasses Dior 30 Montaigne, give off a couture look.

Complemented by graphic branches, bearing the initials “CD”, they show an obvious elegance with several versions and colors. Black, tortoiseshell, ivory or even ultra-matte black and white – enough to artfully wear the key codes of Dior couture!