The 30 Montaigne: The New Dior Icon

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The 30 Montaigne: The New Dior Icon

This is a story of an address that, overnight, became the global epicenter of Haute Couture – Today, 30 Montaigne becomes a bag.

Which Dior Bag to Choose? The One Who Tells Everything

On December 16, 1946, a few months before the New Look revolution, the superstitious Christian Dior chose 30 Avenue Montaigne to set up his workshops. He then entrusted the decoration of the place to Victor Grandpierre – the watchwords: sobriety and elegance. The idea: to allow only Christian Dior’s designs and silhouettes to inspire the eye and the ladies. “A dream office and a haven for wonderful things.” This is how the founder of one of the houses that made Parisian Haute Couture after World War II liked to define his workshops at 30 Avenue Montaigne.

Maria Grazia Chuiri And the Dior Heritage

We know the fascination of Maria Grazia Chuiri for the codes and history of the house of Dior. So last February, at the same time as she introduced the Fall/Winter 2020 collection to the world, the current artistic director seized the opportunity to celebrate the lair. The private residence at 30 Avenue Montaigne had indeed inspired more than one signature for Monsieur – chairs with medallion backs, canes, gray Trianon and toile de Jouy. Here is that the 30 Montaigne bag honors the soul of the house of Dior. Flocked with CD initials, the bag takes on the sober but graphic allure of the Dior couture. An ideal bag sometimes dressed in the legendary Dior Oblique canvas, or in blue and burgundy – all of the discrete luxury so dear to the house bequeathed by Monsieur!