Taittinger Champagne – A Wine For Feasts!

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Taittinger Champagne – A Wine For Feasts!

“This wine of feast and love is the most marvellous preamble to all adventures”— to all poetry as well. 

The words of Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger capture the marvellous essence of the champagne composed by his family. It must be said that hidden behind these iconic champagnes there lies a dynasty that cultivates love of perfection for more than a century. “Having the name of our family on the bottle imposes responsibility and meticulousness at every instant. This signature carries both the savoir-faire of the past and an engagement for the future” says Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. 

From this savoir-faire of the past the maison carries a taste and style that is exceptionally unique. The 288 hectare of vineyards are certified to be of High Environmental Value which beautifully complements its Chardonnays, Pinots Noirs and Meuniers… And the confection of the grands champagnes begins with the confection of a raw material like no other. By the way, the director of the vineyard, Vincent Collard likes to mention that “To have gold in our bottles, we must have it in our hands”. 

The champagne here is not a matter of cost or means but well and truly about the search for perfection. What the maison Taittinger wants to prove amongst all else is that excellence is not a myth but is in fact a palpable reality. And in the bubbles of this highly desirable champagne, there floats perhaps a a certain ivresse of poets. Divine and jubilatory. There is a lot to claim in these Taittinger champagnes which have a unique taste that brings joy, in the space of a moment or a life – a philosophy written in these champagnes since 1932. The iconic vintage? The Brute Comtes de Champagne blanc 2004, a true elegance, and a fascinating roundness. Something with which to remember only the best of every moment!