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Tod’s and the Cape Bag in the countryside

New designer at Tod’s, Alessandra Facchinetti signs for next season a soft and graphic collection, tender and pop. His feats of arms, Alessandra Facchinetti can boast of having done them at Prada, alongside Muccia, before sharpening his silhouette at Gucci or Valentino. But at Tod’s, Alessandra Facchinetti seems to have found the natural harmony essential...


The Speedy by Louis Vuitton

Before swapping its diminutive for an even more English-sounding one, the Speedy was called “L’Express”; created in 1930 to be a travel handbag that was a smaller version of the Keepall. From 1933 onwards, the Speedy Monogram LV was an enormous success; but it took more than 30 years before one of the most gracious...


The Peekaboo Spring/Summer 2015 by Fendi

This famous bag is directly inspired by a childhood memory that we all have, one that is particularly dear to Silvia Fendi, the designer. Dubbing it the Peekaboo, she’s making reference to the namesake game that consists of hiding your eyes with your hands before removing them, creating a surprise effect for the amazed child....


The PS1 by Proenza Schouler

This famous bag, directly inspired by schoolbags of the 50s, is fascinating thanks to its contrasts that make it a manifest melting pot. It includes flaps, pockets, and pleats, all of which are attractive through their restrained quality. The addition of buckles, perforations, and rivets offers a number of small details that make the line...