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Blackpink At Coachella Wearing Dolce And Gabbana

Blackpink At Coachella Wearing Dolce And Gabbana

The divas of K-pop group Blackpink caused a stir when they returned to the stage at the Coachella festival, this time as headliners, after making history in 2019 as the first K -pop female performer at an American music festival.
Their stunning performance, just like their reputation, was marked by dramatic effects such as pink fireworks, captivating visuals and custom outfits designed by the most prestigious luxury brands.

Each of the members flaunted their sense of style by wearing three outfits on stage, carefully chosen from the renowned brands that usually dress them (Chanel for Jennie, Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. for Rosé, Dior and Cartier for Jisoo , and Celine and Bulgari for Lisa). In perfect harmony with their individual off-stage looks, the black and pink coordinated sets by Dolce & Gabbana added a touch of glamor to Blackpink's unforgettable performance.