SPECIAL Capri: Luxury And Iconic Voyage

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SPECIAL Capri: Luxury And Iconic Voyage

Capri is an ideal destination. An island with lush vegetation that has always attracted jet setters and aesthetes while also inspiring the most iconic designers.

SPECIAL Capri: The Glamorous And Legendary Italian Destination

If the craze for Capri seems to have had its golden age in the 1950s, the island was already known to royalty from the end of the 19th century It was the doctor and philanthropist Axel Munthe who, settling there in 1887, lured the Queen of Sweden with him, and in fact, many others.

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“My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea – like a Greek temple – and light, light, light everywhere!” The Villa San Michele, which he left behind, transposes his desire. It has become the icon of Capri — a haven of peace and communion with nature.

This vision of an idyllic island later attracted Oscar Wilde, Jean Cocteau, André Gide and even Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

But the building that made Capri a famous icon is Casa Malaparte. Built for the Italian writer Malaparte, it is a magnet for artists. First Jean-Luc Godard filmed the scenes of his iconic film ‘Le Mépris’ there, in 1963 with Brigitte Bardot. Then Karl Lagerfeld. In the 1990s, he traveled to Capri and returned with a photo album capturing a timeless house.

Empty of influences. Because it is Capri alone that inspires jet-setters. And not the reverse.

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The Capri pants for example. A creation born in the 1940s, made by the hands of the German stylist Sonja De Lennart. Passing through the island during the summer is so hot that she drastically reduces the length of her pants. A few decades later, it was Jackie O. who introduced the fashion of Capri pants to the world, asserting at the same time the uniform of these resorts — white pants, black t-shirt, and maxi glasses. But it was another couturier who made Capri his favorite land.

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Emilio Pucci never hid the fact that he drew inspiration from its crystalline waters, its divine rocks and the colors of its landscape for the lines and patterns of his iconic style. Capri was the place where he founded his first Haute Couture salon in 1957.

Where to stay, what to see, what to do on this Italian island?

In Capri, you can also find the Grand Hotel Quisisana – a must-see spot on the island. It’s the place where poets, aristocrats and rockstars have taken up residence since 1845.

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Of the few things you can do in Capri, the best one is to let your imagination run wild. Like Tod’s that succeeds each season to give its mythical Gommino the shades of a summer in Capri. A summer full of prose and beauty, which we savor in good company at Conca Del Sogno, the island’s iconic restaurant set in an out-of-this-world setting!

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Another great restaurant in Capri, the Riccio Beach Club! The food and the view are dazzling.

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For those keen to immerse themselves in the must-see attractions of Capri — it is unquestionably the Blue Grotto that counts as the most dreamlike scenery on the island.

And here is a beautiful book to read to prepare for your trip to the heart of la dolce vita!

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