SPECIAL Cannes: Live experience of the Cannes Festival

SPECIAL Cannes: Live experience of the Cannes Festival

Since 1946, the city of Cannes has become, for a week, the beating heart of international cinema — and while the Cannes Film Festival is the epitome of luxury and glamour, the city itself is home to a plethora of iconic places of this “art de vivre”.

SPECIAL Cannes: The Cannes Experience

Every year, the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festivalsees a strange alchemy wandering under the flashes of photographers… Indeed, between the sophistication of European cinema and the flamboyant glamour of Hollywood, an ideal atmosphere is set: whether we are talking about fashion, glamour or more or less electric challenges…

It is a city vibrating to the rhythm of palaces, gastronomy, fashion, and culture that Icon-Icon offers you today to discover, around cutting-edge selections to live and capture the Cannes experience.

Starting with the city’s must-sees—the Palais des Festivit s in mind!

The epicenter of international cinema is an icon of Cannes’ cultural and artistic life. The Palais des Festivals and des Congrès in Cannes was especially designed for the most glamorous festival in the galaxy!

In this beautiful and long history of the Cannes Film Festival, it was on its steps that emblematic moments were written forever in the memory of cinema.

If you look at it, the red carpet of Cannes is also the perfect scene for bursting events. How can you forget Madonna’s red carpet in 1991? Coming to present her film “In Bed with Madonna” she undresses on top of the red carpet to let the emblematic corset of Jean Paul Gaultier appear… Of course, the scandal was total!

An event that must have inspired Sharon Stone in 1995. Sharon Stone scandalized the Croisette by opening her beautiful silver dress Valentino, to show the paparazzi that she wore beaded shorts underneath… what, perhaps, balance the mythical scene of Basic Instinct that will soon make it world famous. This year, she presented the film Basic Instinct, by Paul Verhoeven, at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival!

The Cannes Film Festival with its red carpet and its myriad of international stars is the perfect event to introduce to the world the most demanding sets. A hotspot for glamour and a meeting place between luxury, fashion, and cinema, the Festival has established partnerships with the most famous jewelers.

For example, Chopard has long been the main sponsor of the event — of course, we immediately think of Chopard as a goldsmith of the incomparable trophy that is the Palme d’Or!

It is at the neck of legendary actresses that the adornments amaze the crowds. Adornments signed by the great names of the Place Vendome that are Cartier, Chopard, Chaumet, Piaget, Chanel and Bulgari.

It was in Cannes, too, on the beach in 1953, that the BB tornado took off. There, young Brigitte Bardot parades in bikini, even though swimsuits have just been created. It doesn’t take much more to make a scandal, in a France somewhat reluctant to wear a bikini. That same year, photographers can also freeze Bardot getting her hair braided by Kirk Douglas, in all relaxation on the beach!

The path of the stars, on the boulevard de la Croisette, also keeps track of their passage… The Hollywood Boulevard Fran ais — the path of the stars that stretches in front of the Palais des festivit s- gathers 140 casts frozen in stainless steel from the hands of these legendary actors and actresses.

Where to live the Cannes experience? Palaces and Haute Gastronomie

What would Cannes be without its palaces? Including the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes!

Built in 1926 by the pioneer of luxury hotels, Lucien Barri re, Le Majestic is the epicenter of Cannes’ glamorous and grandiloquent “art de vivre”. A place full of history that served in theater for eccentricities and the craziest loves!

Enchanting and mythical place — Le Martinez is to Cannes what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, well more exclusive! High place of cinema, it is by its position on the Croisette, the palace where the stars of cinema write the history… and the reputation of the glamorous and sulfurous reputation of this place definitely dedicated to the pleasure.

The Grand Hotel Cannes is the oldest palace built on the Croisette, and it distils all the luxury and grandeur of the “art de vivre” on the French Riviera… Since the opening of this hotel, crowned heads and the greatest personalities of cinema and art write the legend. The one of an Art de Vivre and a how-know out of time.

A casino and the Theatre de la Croisette… the Marriott in Cannes is a 5-star hotel in keeping with its time – a chic and luxurious venue that can boast being the most contemporary of Cannes palaces!

In Cannes, the palates are also tasty.

And to satisfy the most demanding, Icon-Icon has selected the best gastronomic restaurants in Cannes.

The most grandiose cuisine in Cannes is to be tasted at La Palme d’Or.. The restaurant that bears the name of the most coveted trophy of international cinema is also crowned with a holy grail — two Michelin stars, for spectacular, sunny, and creative cuisine, served in an art deco atmosphere that is obviously cinematic!

At L’Affable, we delight in Mediterranean cuisine that evolves with the arrival of the market… In a harmonious atmosphere where leather, marble, glass, and wood serve as the decor for this authentic and exquisite cuisine!

Nestled in the old Cannes, Table 22 is the place of expression of Chef No l Mantel who brings together Italian and French cuisine, in this all-Mediterranean twist that makes it a key address of gastronomy on the Riviera!

At La Table du Chef, the unique and secret menu leads to the discovery of seasonal products in classic and skillful compositions!

The Toque D’or offers an elegant kitchen, served in a chic and unpretentious decor. Taste the Mediterranean creativity in this restaurant ordered by two brilliant and daring young chefs!

But Cannes is also -and especially- evenings that stretch until the early hours of the morning…

Nightlife in Cannes: Glamour and Epicurean

Icon-Icon has gathered here the nightclubs that have written the legend of the French Riviera…

And since its opening in 1929, Palm Beach has made Cannes nights vibrate — on the Croisette, it’s one of the most iconic places to party in a jet-set atmosphere!

For more than 40 years, Disco 7 has been the epicenter of Cannes nights that stretch until early morning. A club to test to realize the relevance of their mantra: Feet on the ground and head in the stars!

Glamorous but friendly, Le Baoli is a club where the mesmerizing atmosphere makes you mingle with clubbers, celebrities, and jet setters — in a magical and high-powered atmosphere!

Au M dusa is a show not to be missed in Cannes — a glamorous and sensual show orchestrated by the Italian company Nu’Art!

Here is a selection to live and experience Cannes, on the footsteps of icons that have made the reputation of this pearl of the French Riviera.