Snack Time at the Shangri-La Paris : An Unparalleled Delight

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Snack time is often an adventure – a preferred moment for young and old alike. There’s no more delicious time of the day. The Shangri-La hotel is today offering to rediscover all the charm and spirit of the “4:00 snack” with a delicate composition. With its view of the Eiffel Tower, domineering all the poetry of Paris’ great monuments, the luxury hotel is introducing “L’Heure du Goûter” (“Snack Time”), a French ritual that will take place every Saturday and Sunday.

Imagined or dreamed up by Chef Pâtissier Michaël Bartocetti, this moment revives the magic of childhood. By reaching into memories as fresh as they are delightful, the chef imagined a superb buffet of traditional and delectable French pastries that play with textures and flavors all at once. The result: fireworks for the taste buds, along with all the enchantment, delight, and deliciousness of memories that a Paris-Brest or a mille-feuilles can bring. But this chef went a bit further in interpreting all the classics of French pastry making with Saint-Honorés, religieuses, éclairs, babas au rhum, tartes au citron, raspberries, and chocolate! There’s also biscuits, madeleines, waffles, cookies… it’s a veritable feast composed as an ode to treats in a warm atmosphere: beneath the dome of La Bauhinia! Check it out while you still can.

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