Ruinart Champagnes and the Blancs de Blancs Icon Dress Up For Christmas

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Ruinart Champagnes and the Blancs de Blancs Icon Dress Up For Christmas

At the approach of the holiday season, Ruinart expressed it’s interest in art once again around two exceptional collaborations – the talent of Vik Muniz and that of Ron Arad accompany the most legendary of champagnes!

It is in 1729, at the highest of the Lumieres revolution that the Sillery vineyard, south-east of Reims, became that of the Ruinart maison. In 2018 it is the very same vineyard that the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz spent long hours finding inspiration. “My relationship to images is not quite related to the history of art but more to memory” describes the artist. Yes, for already in the 18th century the chefs de caves of the Ruinart house sourced in the materials, colours and spirit of time the original composition of their vintage. The Blanc de Blancs keeps these memories alive today. 

If Viz Muniz is the eighth artists to collaborate with Ruinart in the creation of an exceptional bottle, the history of Ruinart with artists goes back to 1896. Before Jaume Plans or Erwin Olaf, it is a certain Alphonse Mucha who was the first invited for a collaboration. Andre Ruinart, head of the maison, saw the artist’s posters bloom on the Morris columns. Imagined and even invented for Sarah Bernhardt, these posters where the first with her to begin the art of advertisements. Much conceives then an advertisement full of voluptuousness showing the cocottes of the Belle Epoque. Art Nouveau was throned in this way as Ruinart set in stone the most complete illustration of it’s savour faire. And what of it today? Ruinart and art glisten and sparkle, especially in the bubbles of the Blanc de Blancs!

The end of year celebrations have brought Ruinart to create two exceptional pieces – one of these is an exclusive bottle imagined by Via Muniz. The second consists of three tin champagne buckets by Ron Arad. As a homage to the art of assembly so unique to Champagne, the famous designer and architect imagined these buckets around a single joining link of leather. Forming in this way a large basin, the three nestle in a trunk made of oak coming from sustainably managed forests. Made in the purest of French traditions! Inside, the magnums Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2014, Dome Ruinart Rosé 1998 and Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 1993. 

As for Vik Muniz, he reiterates his first inspiration stemming from the vine cuttings. This time expresses himself on a limited edition box set of which there are only 30 – this time hiding a Blanc de Blancs Jeroboam. Created using parts of darkened wood and charcoal, the figure extends its lines on the four faces of this imposing wooden box set. Going further in his concern for memory, Vik Muniz sought out to give this exceptional object a second life – becoming in itself a unique piece of furniture. Ruinart thus offers two artworks that are just as inspired as they are original and ready to be discovered!