Rouge Guerlain Luxurious Velvet: Velvety Look


The House of Guerlain introduced new Rouge G Luxurious Velvet – a lipstick so much Parisian to emphasize the lips with intensive red.

Rouge Guerlain Luxurious Velvet: The Most Parisian Red Lipstick

The House of Guerlain has implemented its know-how of this century in the lipstick, which is ultra-pigmented, ultra-chic, and ultra-parisian! A matte-velvet ultra-refined formula that is pushed up out of the tube as sensory as exceptional.

Rouge Guerlain Luxurious Velvet

What’s the secret? It is the House of Guerlain that reveals it: “Infused with nourishing mango butter, silk tree extracts with a matting effect, Rouge G Luxurious Velvet’s new formula unfolds on the lips like a velvety caress. The shade is deep, intensely matte, highly saturated with pigments, 16 hours of bright color on the lips… and absolute comfort. A completed ultra-sensual velvet that stays all day long.”

Rouge Guerlain Luxurious Velvet

Notably, this emblematic gesture of the Parisian look appears in ultra-desired jewelry cases. Pushing the idea of sensuality to the highest point, Guerlain was indeed looking for the materials and textures that would echo with the elegance of Rouge G Luxurious Velvet…

Rouge G Luxurious Velvet…

The House of Guerlain has undressed its dear collectors to stitch fabrics for them! Upcycled, 6 hyper-sophisticated cases of Red G Luxurious Velvet offer even more chic — ” French Chevron “, very independent, “Graphic Tartan” a bit of British, or already-known motifs “Tweed in Paris” and ” houndstooth “… Here are so many textured variations of these Red G Luxurious Velvet tubes destined to become iconic.


As for the color, Red G Luxurious Velvet exquisitely stresses the intensity of glamorous shades. The shades whose name invites maximum sensuality! 15 intense shades called N°880 RUBY RED – the sensual red with a hint of blue. N°214 FLAME RED – a luminous orange-red, iconic by Guerlain. N°888 BURGUNDY RED – a burgundy red, eternally sophisticated.

Rouge G Luxurious Velvet

Ultra-feminine, new Rouge G Luxurious Velvet signs the smile of the extreme refinement… The Guerlain’s refinement!