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Christian Dior thought about the rouge Dior, with a matte or satin finish, to highlight women’s smiles — almost 70 years later, that thought is on everyone’s lips.

Rouge Dior: Iconic Lipstick

1953. Six years after turning the world of fashion upside down with the New Look revolution and perfumes, Christian Dior marked his couture allure with a final gesture – lipstick. And Dior wants to “dress women’s smiles” in matte or satin red.

In a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, in a desire to transfer an intense color to the lips, a feeling of absolute comfort, Dior has made red its color. Red is the color of joy, of happiness. A carmine red.

The legendary Dior lipstick was created in 1953, in a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, with the aim of giving the lips an intense color, a feeling of absolute comfort, and a texture worthy of the velvet of Dior couture.

Red… Red is the color chosen by Christian Dior; red is the color of joy and happiness. And the Dior lipstick will exude the same chic – a matte, satin finish but still that feeling of velvet satin…

Since its creation, the lipstick has been available in nearly 500 colors, but red remains the beating heart of this Dior beauty product. Its packaging? A silver, metallic case made to slip into a bag; or a crystal obelisk, to be seen on a vanity.

With Mister Dior, fashion was not limited to its specific field. Dior fashion flirts with the seventh art…

Known for having been a film costume designer, notably for Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich in Alfred Hitchcock’s films, Dior has thus pushed its design studios to draw inspiration from the lighting techniques of film sets.

From then on, the red Dior lipstick, with its “Color” complex – the Color Reveal Dior – creates a screen of light which, on hydrated and perfectly curved lips, projects a pure color, with a magnificent velvet glow.

The lips embellished with this icy red, the Dior woman exudes a hypnotizing charm… Inspired by its fabrics, the red Dior lipstick exudes all the ardor and refinement of Dior couture in shades “specially chosen to harmonize with each skin tone, each color, each fabric, each hour…”

Rouge Dior: A Shade For All Women, For All Lips

The 999 Dior shade is undoubtedly the absolute icon of Dior makeup, in the same way that Miss Dior perfume is the icon of Dior perfumes. It must be mentioned that this red stems from the very first vision of the designer-founder.

In his Petit Dictionnaire de la mode, he writes: “Very tonic and advantageous, it is the color of life. I like red. In my opinion, it suits almost all skin tones. You can also wear it at any time. »

Now under the leadership of the brilliant Peter Philips, Dior make-up unveils colors with daring pigments, with a matte or satin finish, always in line with the collections imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

32 shades ranging from red to pink via beige, this is what Rouge Dior offers today. A matte or satin finish that accentuates the smile with a red couture color, always velvet.

A legend which, even today, illuminates the lips…

An iconic product to discover here.