Rolex Presents Its ‘Explore’ Icon At The Bon Marché

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Rolex Presents Its ‘Explore’ Icon At The Bon Marché

Until August 14, 2020, Rolex will present “A watch born for exploration” – an event exhibition that traces the thread of one of the most iconic watches in its repertoire. The Rolex Explorer.

Rolex, Everest And The Explorer Watch

Rolex quickly knew how to put their watchmaking craft at the service of human exploration. Real tool watches whose function goes beyond that of reading the time.

Rolex And The Conquest Of Mount Everest

No matter the human exploits aimed at exploring the highest peaks on earth or probing the seabed – Rolex was very often involved!

As in 1953…

An expedition, led by Sir John Hunt, with Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, sought out to conquer Mount Everest. And they get to the top! Raised at more than 8,848 meters above sea level, they broke down a new frontier for humans. “By tenacity and concentration, we accomplish much more than what we felt capable of” Sir John Hunt.

At the same time, they tested the limits of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. By -50 ° C and a suspicious magnetism. The watch stood up to this feat, since it allowed them to move forward, without ever failing. “The Oysters have worked wonderfully and we have come to regard them as an important part of high mountain equipment”, explained the house.

From then on Rolex intended to make watches for these explorers. These are the Rolex Explorer. With a reinforced case and an even more readable dial, these watches accompany today’s adventurers with cutting-edge technologies. Like the polar explorer Alain Hubert and his Explorer II.

In 1971, the Explorer II was indeed expressly designed for speleologists, volcanologists and explorers of extremes.

Rolex At Bon Marché, The Iconic Explorer Exhibits

And for the first time in France, Rolex exhibits the evolution of its Explorer icon. It is at Bon Marché that Rolex celebrates these watches born for exploration.

The very title of this exhibition, which will run until August 14, 2020, says the same thing. Entitled ‘A watch born for exploration’, the exhibition retraces, around video and photographic archives, the epic Explorer. And the exploits made it possible!

An exhibition to see for all watch enthusiasts – and especially those who adore the technological prowess of beautiful Rolex watches!