Prada: The Timecapsule NFT Collection.

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Prada: The Timecapsule NFT Collection.

Prada continues to be at the forefrontwith the Timecapsule NFT collection — a monthly collection where, every first Thursday of every month, the NFT Prada refer to a physical and virtual piece. Exclusive and very little produced.

Prada: The Web 3 And Collection Timecapsule NFT

The Prada Time Capsule NFT project is as simple as it is awesome — every first Thursday of every month, an ephemeral collection of Prada pieces, produced in very limited quantities, is duplicated by NFT Prada. In other words, the purchase of one of these exclusive pieces is accompanied by an NFT Prada. But be careful, parts are only available 24 hours, and for some countries only, on the website

First drop announced, this Thursday, June 2, 2022, is an ultra-limited collection of shirts imagined by the son of Damien Hirst., Cassius Hirst, who is likely to make a lot of noise!

Cassius Hirst has managed to reinterpret the technical aesthetics of Prada’s Linea Rossa in a fluid and sensual piece, stamped with his own graphic signatures.

Cut from the most emblematic technical fabrics of the Linea Rossa high-performance line, this ephemeral Timecapsule collection in collaboration with Cassius Hirst takes in fact the masks and brain scans emblematic of Cassius Hirst. Available in black and white, thought indifferently for men or women, the Timecapsule shirt by Cassius Hirst is likely to make history.

«Each limited edition Timecapsule item is associated with a unique serial number and comes with a customized packaging» says the house. Pieces like so many works certified by an NFT Prada!

Timecapsule, c’ is finally this new monthly meeting, to follow very closely on Prada Crypted, the new community server of the house, accessible on the platform Discord.