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Muccia Prada dreamed of being in politics. But despite being an active proponent for feminism as well as the Italian Communist Party, the P.h.D. holder in political science ended up trying her hand within the fashion world instead.

The granddaughter of the Prada group’s founder has been a part of this world since 1978: finesse, restraint, calmness, and technical know-how are all terms in the brand’s vocabulary. When she first entered the firm, the reserved Muccia came out of her shell and turned all the rules upside down: fanciful and original, it didn’t take long for her creations to impress the masses through their unique gimmicks.

For this Fall/Winter, the Italian is playing with vintage, mixing it with a bit of kitsch and cozy. This controversial elegance is making tongues wag about Prada, many of them saying that the design house is starting to show off a surprising degree of Baroque classicism: the purely Italian style of the 70s is resurfacing. Diamonds, pearls, and silk are a thing of the past. They leave room for a new breed of geometric creations made of colored wooly fabrics, paired with psychedelic shoes in icy shades, with Middle Ages-esque heels that still manage to be oh-so-saucy. Prada’s returning iconic handbag is the only familiar face, like a shining beacon of constancy amidst the rest of the hodgepodge collection.

Segnora Prada stated during her runway show, “Everyone (ed: the designers) has a theory about their own collections in our times, I’m sick of theories. This collection speaks about pleasure and fashion.” That’s quite apparent: you can see it, smell it, and live it in these clothes.

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