Philippe Chatrier Court: The heroes Arena of RG 2022

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Philippe Chatrier Court… A name, a location and grandstands that became in less than a century a symbol, an icon of a sport practiced in the French way.

Roland Garros’s heart

Built in 1928, after the Four Musketeers won the Davis Cup from the United States the philippe Chatrier Court became the battleground for the best tennis players of the world !

Actually, the central court of Rolland Garros take, in 2001, the name of a legendary player from the French tennis. A member of the French Team during the Davis Cup in the 1950s, captain in 1969, then president of the French Tennis Federation – philippe Chatrier gave his name to the most famous court of the Roland Garros Tournament, the 25 th of may 2001.

It must be noted that the player, as well as the human, add something to the sport. Yet in 1968, he is one of the major players of the unifying of federations; an unifying which paved the way for modern tennis. The Open era.

The sports arena that is the center course of Roland Garros was the scene of the most iconic tennis matches. And the logo itself represents that spirit.

The greatest champions of the century, from American Chris Evert to Sweden’s Björn Borg, the record holder for singles victories in Paris, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf and Serena Williams – all of them have fought crucial matches in front of a mesmerized audience.

Like this June 3, 2015, when sounded the end of a reign.

For ten years, Rafael Nadal has been building his legend since his first win at Roland Garros, winning his first Grand Slam title in the process. Since then, Rafael Nadal has emerged as the master of clay courts, letting no one dethrone him. Nine victories on the same tournament : an exceptional record achieved by no player before.

« there’s always a lot of feelings when you win Rolland Garros. And more and more as you get older. It requires a lot of work. I want to enjoy the moment. Because it won’t last forever. I may still have some opportunities, But I don’t know if I will win again. » And, in fact, Nadal’s « Decima » won’t happen. . Eliminated by his rival Novak Djokovic, June 3, 2015, in the quarterfinals…

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal had time to break new records on this court. Nadal in Roland Garros means : 95 matches/games, 93 victories, 13 titles…

Philippe Chatrier Court : the renewal of the structure

The « bullring » as it is called by the Anglo-Saxons, hosts 15,995 seats in its theater. But, the arch rival of Roland Garros often get the better of the old layout of the mythical Philippe Chatrier

Rain is indeed, for several years, the only reason why organizer have had to suspend games. Immediately Roland Garros did not hesitate to shave 80% of the court, in order to reconstruct a place that commensurate its legend.

To meet these new demands, Roland Garros stadium got a facelift and, in 2020, the Philippe Chatrier court has been fitted with a retractable roof and expandable in fifteen minutes !

Philippe Chatrier Court

« the thing that have not been modified is the game surface. The sweat of Mr. Lacoste, it is there, underneath. It is the same since 1928 » precises Gilles Jourdan, construction manager of the works launched in fall 2015.

The new stadium Chatrier structure’s is also a direct tribute to the aviation pioneer that was Roland Garros. Because the roof looks like wings, a direct tribute to the pilot ! « You feel like you’re in football stadium and in a cathedral at the same time” said Guy Forget, tournament director.

Philippe Chatrier Court

Even better, new more comfortable grandstands have been added to the new players reception areas – a renovation that brings an innovative charm to this historical site!

Because this transformation is mainly aesthetic – leaving green, the new color palette praises the ochre of the clay, natural wood, and yellow from the famous little ball. Elegant and delicately Parisian, philippe chatrier court is drawn this time in rounded curves, eminently refined. Because it is after all the French tennis played in this arena.