Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Men’s Resort 2025

Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Men’s Resort 2025

Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton has unveiled a Resort 2025 collection that is both visionary and emotionally charged, inspired by the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Men’s Resort 2025: The LV Damier

Presented in the gardens of the UNESCO House, Pharrell Williams’ collection for Louis Vuitton captivated the audience, surrounded by the flags of the world. Entitled “From Black to White,” this collection plays on a color palette that subtly transitions from black to white, passing through a range of browns and beiges, illustrating the full spectrum of human diversity. Pharrell Williams explained: “It went from black, to dark brown, to brown, to light brown, to beige, with a bit of gray in there… and to light beige, and finally to white… It was a tribute to human beings.”

In terms of patterns, the blue, green, and black checkered motif, used in nearly 70 looks, dominates. This design is inspired by the Air Afrique luggage from the pan-African airline from the 1960s to 2002, which featured a well-established style. This motif has been revitalized here by a collective of Parisian designers, including Lamine Diaoune and Djiby Kebe, with whom Pharrell Williams collaborated.

Starting from look 67, the collection adopts a more complex and multicultural mix. Camouflage patterns, one of Pharrell Williams’ signatures, appear as pixelated renditions of python skin or world maps centered on Africa. The iconic Louis Vuitton Damier pattern is also reimagined with multicolored pigments, and leather pieces inspired by the panels of a football evoke the universality of sport!

Pharrell Williams’ pieces for Louis Vuitton ultimately balance simplicity with meticulous details. The artistic director specified: “The intention here is not to be too loud, but to be very intentional in the details.” This approach is manifested through refined elements, such as buttons adorned with miniature world maps, LV logos subtly integrated into leather and denim, and very sophisticated tone-on-tone embroidery… Enough to convey a powerful universal message in stunning pieces!