Pele : The King Of Soccer

Pele : The King Of Soccer

Pele made history with his elegant play. The soccer player who has probably been described with the most superlatives has also been able to transfigure his status as a star footballer to become the muse of many luxury and fashion houses.

Pelé : The King of Football, Egeria of Luxury

A 21-year career, a record of 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances, including 77 goals in 92 games for Brazil; the youngest player to score a goal in the World Cup – King Pele made history in international soccer like few other players.

A true phenomenon known throughout the world, he is still the only player in the history of soccer to have won the World Cup three times (in 1958, 1962 and 1970). Named FIFA Player of the Century in 2000, Pele is undoubtedly the absolute icon of the soccer world.

His passing in December 2022 proved it – in every corner of the world, Pele was celebrated. It must be said that the Brazilian player has transcended his status as a footballer to become a role model – in life, in his way of being, his commitment and his way of playing, he has inspired entire generations.

Nelson Mandela emphasized the charisma and style of Pele: “To watch him play was to see the pleasure of a child combined with the extraordinary grace of a man.

His style, precisely, did not correspond to any stereotype. Pele’s skill and electrifying speed were combined with decisive precision in front of the opposing goal.

In the city as well as on the soccer field, Pelé showed an eccentricity and a rare originality.

Recognized as a key figure, as well known as McDonald’s or Coca Cola, the name Pele, his stature, his aura, and his elegance attract the luxury houses.

In 2010, the Louis Vuitton house dedicated once again the artist of the round ball with a campaign that celebrated the personalities having a strong influence on the world… And in particular the personalities of soccer, to mark the beginning of the World Cup in South Africa.

Under the lens of Annie Leibovitz, at the CafĂ© Maravillas in Madrid, a photo will become a legend. The one of the three soccer players who won the World Cup with the n°10 jersey, sharing a game of table soccer… Zidane, Maradona and King Pele!

The other big house to have made of PelĂ© its muse, it is the house Hublot. Since 2008, Hublot has been declaring its love for football with ‘Hublot loves soccer’. The official timekeeper of international competitions was indeed the first luxury house to associate itself with this highly emotional world.

So when, in 2013, Hublot joined forces with the legendary figure that is Pele, it was more than just a meeting. To honor the legacy of the legendary athlete, and to follow Pele’s commitment to help present and future generations, the house inaugurates “Pele – La Collection.”

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it was Pele who unveiled the Hublot Official Countdown Clock, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer… An ambassador who passed the torch to Kylian MbappĂ© in the same role, Pele’s personality has left a lasting impression on the house.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, eulogized his passing: “Pele was a pioneer, both on and off the soccer field. His performance and passion on the field of play will never be forgotten, and his legacy of bringing change and justice to those who need it most will be an inspiration to generations to come. Truly, he was a great man and we are honored to have known him, to have collaborated with him and to have called him our friend. PelĂ©, we will miss you, but you will always be with us. Hublot loves PelĂ©!”

Kylian MbappĂ©, on the other hand, concludes, “to be a great footballer, you must above all be a great man.”