Patrick Roger, Chocolatier and Audacious Artist

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Patrick Roger, Chocolatier and Audacious Artist

Few artists use chocolate as their material of choice, Patrick Roger has made chocolate his base of experimentation culinarily as well as visually. 

More than a Christmas Chocolate, That of Patrick Roger’s 

Patrick Roger entered the international scene in 1994 when he received the world cup of chocolate. Six years later, he received the prize of Meilleur Ouvrier de France – chocolatier and sculptor, Patrick Roger made chocolate much more than simply a  gourmet element. Chocolate to him was a “passport for the world. It was a sudden revelation. Everything became possible whereas at the beginning I never expected my life to go this way. I went to sixty countries, I am travelling often; now I am leaving for Madagascar to see a plantation with which we are working. The materials also come to us, it is a very rich exchange”. 

Patrick Roger Sculpts Christmas Delicacies 

Free and audacious, his creations surprise as much as they delight. Wild combinations like yuzu and verbena, lemongrass ganache sublimed with peppermint or lime-caramel. Nothing is impossible for Patrick Roger. His sculptures prove it – gourmet and wildly poetic, his creations have recently made the headlines for the 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. His giant work, made of chocolate, reproduced the wall with breathtaking preciseness. Once broken, the chocolate chips were enjoyed with strong pleasure. 

For this end of the tear, he has put his talent to the iconic sweets of Christmas. A collection putting to the forefront almond studded pinecones coated in honey, Christmas trees made of chocolates and dark chocolate-lime shells.