Living Luxury Icons: The Paris Fashion Week… In Paris!

We are already there!

Fashion Week is finally coming to its native city — face-to-face! It means that we really missed this moment a lot. To face up and down the streets of Paris during shows, adorned by icons, following the footprints of icons, and, of course, trying this ‘art de vivre’ in iconic places… A little reminder for enthusiasts: here is the Icon-Icon newsletter for Living Luxury Icons during Paris Fashion Week.

In the tale about icons during Fashion Week, you will certainly face loads of stars — but Icon-Icon is persuaded that products are stars themselves also!

Facing up and down the streets of Paris in the period of fashion shows, you should first be looking for the iconic garments in Paris changing rooms. What do we mean? Far from total-looks, we should mix astonishing parents to match the Paris chic!

The aesthetic frame — on the arm, a Chanel 2.55, a Birkin, or a Kelly from Hermès. If the history of these pieces, which go so far as to be rated more than gold, questions you, it is here where it happens.

In the mi-season, the ideal remains a small Chanel jacket: a truly ever-lasting uniform that evokes many stylistic associations. And then there is Dior and a legendary Bar jacket. A sort of organic counterpoint to the Chanel jacket, it is reinvented every season by Maria Grazia Chiuri. You might as well go to a new main Dior boutique on the Champs-Elysées to see the creative power of this legendary piece of fashion! Along with the footsteps of the Tailor Bar, we also arrive at the Plaza Athenee — the palace where Christian Dior got once inspired in the bar to feature even his tailor.

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Now as we mush follow the footprints during this iconic excursion, we choose to go and see the Chanel bi-color slingback, the BB ballets by Repetto (designed, yes, for Bardot), or better the Hermès Jumping boots — just to fly a thousand miles of history, in a heel turn!

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Near Hermès, we do not miss the opportunity to spend some minutes to admire the creativity of the shop windows of a historic shop, 24 rue Faubourg Saint Honoré. The same on the Place Vendome, and undoubtedly the best-gifted jewelers in the galaxy. We also take an opportunity to take a look at the exhibition Van Cleef & Arpels, at the Evreux Hotel, Place Vendôme.

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In the new La Samaritaine, we are ready for playful novelties, and we taste meals in one of four restaurants under the roof of the 5-star hotel Cheval Blanc, the architectural work by Peter Marino. And in particular, “Voyage” – the space of more than 1 000m2 placed under the glacial roof of the sublime Art Nouveau Building. The place where art and gastronomy meet each other is commanded by Mathieu Viannay, chef of the Mère Brazier, Lyon, and the Best Craftsman in France.

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On the first floor of the la Samaritaine, the 3-star chef, Arnaud Donckele, and the pastry chef Maxime Frederic conjure the pleasure of senses in the gastronomic restaurant in the Cheval Blanc Hotel!

Time to taste it, we continue to the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir evidently! To find out Proust’s Madeleine but this time prepared by Pastry Chef François Perret…

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At the time of aperitif or dinner – the hardest to decide – we go to the Hotel Costes, a lair of the world of fashion and the jet set, indeed. On the way of Michelin-starred chefs, we also fly to the restaurant Camélia and Thierry Marx, at the Mandarin Oriental.

For gourmets who love exoticism, we go directly to a large house Caviar Kaspia, Place de la Madeleine. In the 1920s, Caviar Kaspia opened its windows to a luxurious dining experience. What do we find to taste then? Kamchatka king crab salad. Smoked salmon from Norway. Above all, the rarest caviar – served on a backed signature Caviar Kaspia dish: baked potato sprinkled with the finest caviars!

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The cultural corner now, we launch without any questions to the Mugler retrospective in the Museum of Decorative Art, which starts 30 September. From 2 October, The fabulous Palace Gallery flicks through the pages revealing hundred years of the Paris Vogue with its exposition ‘Vogue Paris 1920-2020’.

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