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Naim: Mu-so 2nd generation speaker

A loudspeaker combining excellence with an ingenious design: the Mu-so 2nd generation loudspeaker is a direct product of Naim Audio’s unique expertise. An English electronics brand which has been working with Focal, within the Vervent Audio

The Naim Mu-so 2nd generation speaker: sound quality, design and connectivity

For nearly 50 years Naim Audio has excelled in its mission to find the most refined reproduction of sound. Thanks to its electronics expertise and judging by the excellence of the Naim Mu-so 2nd generation wireless speaker, the brand has succeeded in developing a fabulous piece of tech!

“We follow a balance between respect for our heritage and our search for the best possible audio performance. The mission is to reproduce the most natural music and the closest sound imagined by the artist himself. Therefore, there is a sophisticated mix of technology and skill” according to Cédrick Boutonet, CEO of Focal.

Mu-so 2nd generation is the best all-in-one wireless streaming system, made from refined and top-notch materials The sound spectrum is also just as impressive. Furthermore, Naim engineers called upon Focal’s R&D teams to optimise the six speakers, which deliver a total power of 450W (6 x 75W).

A true technological achievement, the success behind this engineering feat is noted by Naim: “The all-new multi-core digital signal processor (DSP) delivers an improved performance of 2,000 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) compared to 150 MIPS for the single-core processor in the original Mu-so device. As a result, you can hear even more depth in the music”. In other words, the sound quality sought by music lovers and artists all over the world! Fantastic, deep, true and fascinating, the sound transmission of the Muso 2nd generation takes listening and auditory perception to a whole new level.

One of the best all-in-one wireless streaming systems out there, Naim Muso 2nd generation is also cut into a sleek design which allows it to suit any interior. It comes in four deep, iridescent colours.

A true ‘Swiss Army Knife’, offering full connectivity, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth® aptX™, WiFi, Chromecast and multiroom connectivity. It is clear as to why the first generation of the Mu-so range has won multiple awards for its technological advancements! So here is the second. Here is the second.

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