Mykonos: The Magical Island of the Jet Set

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Mykonos: The Magical Island of the Jet Set

This is once again the story of a fishing island that has become the hotspot of the jet set – where nature, esotericism, chic and fun go hand in hand!

If the jet set today answers a thousand and one synonyms, it is a question of its golden age. Period when, in the 1950s, a certain Aristotle Onassis casually moored his yacht in the sublime and peaceful waters of a small fishing island. Mykonos and its wild nature. Mykonos and its iconic windmills. Mykonos and its insolent beauty quickly become the kingdom the jet set dreamed of. It must be said that the evenings initiated by Aristotle Onassis had everything to attract his friends. Sophia Loren and Paul Newman. Maria Callas. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier. Everyone has found the charm of discreet luxury.

On the island with its picturesque atmosphere, legends were still forged in 1958. That year, it was a fisherman who, saving a pelican from certain death, attracted this fauna to Mykonos. His nickname is Petros, and Petros is the island’s first pelican – in other words an icon! It was also in the 1960s a film that piqued the curiosity of Jackie Kennedy. ‘Jamais le Dimanche’, a film that won over everything at the 1961 Oscars, while also launching holiday fashion in Greece. Those of Jackie will be his first – an unofficial visit that nevertheless triggers scenes of hysteria as he passes the island. Mykonos, said to be the birthplace of the god Apollo, has just found its goddess.

Because once Jackie has become Jackie Onassis, she makes Mykonos her favorite destination. She initiated a very Greek Dolce Vita where, wearing Liontis sandals – gilded and decorated with olive leaves – she became the muse as well as the model. A decade later, it’s the freedom and breathtaking surroundings that make Mykonos a favorite spot for the gay community. But not just any – Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino in the lead… We just lose it in the iconic club of the time, Piero’s. Even today, the island makes Ibiza turn pale when Scorpios or Cavo Paradiso attract international Djs, as much as the people who matter. Because, perhaps today more than before, the jet set finds in Mykonos this carelessness which has become very rare!