Mugler at the MAD: The New Exhibition

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Mugler at the MAD: The New Exhibition

The Thierry Mugler exhibition at Paris’ MAD is, without a doubt, the fashion event of this year’s end; it’s the perfect occasion to go over the designer’s phenomenal avant-garde work, which transcended the most incompatible materials into magestic pieces.

Mugler At The MAD: Revolutionary Fashion And Perfume

“Couturissime”; even just the title of Thierry Mugler’s Mad exhibition arouses curiosity. It has to be said that since his appearance on the runways in 1973, and his retirement from the high life in 2002, that Thierry Mugler is shrouded in mystery.

Mugler Au MAD

However, the genius artist, a true multi-disciplined cotrol freak behind his eponymous pieces, perfumes, campaigns and entertainment collaborations be it music or cinema, has left behind him a vision of fashion that is a true magnum opus. This very first retrospective exhibition dedicated to Thierry Mugler’s work allows us to become conscious of the vision of one of contemporary fashion’s deities.

Mugler Au MAD

“My pholosphy in fashion is more of a philosophy of life in itself. I think that all I really worry about is making a human being, particularly a woman, look beautiful, which isn’t really a question of fashion. It’s more to do with appearance and the efficiency of glamour that makes one look good.”, he confided in 1995.

He is undeniably one of the most bold and innovative designers of his time. A sort of worthy heir to the experiments of André Courrèges, Thierry Mugler never ceased to experiment with matter during his three decade career.

Inpsired by Hollywood’s Golden Age glamour as much as he is by visions of the future, Mugler managed a fusion of his antinomic visions to define his own fashion. He builds around a corset and a chiselled imaginary body. During the 80s, his sculptural silhouettes participated to define woman’s allure itself.

Mugler Au MAD

But on the runway, Mugler fashion is one of performance; at Mugler, the acute theatricalness of spectacle meets the more-than-admirable theatricalness of his manifesto-like pieces that transcend the very status of the “fashion piece”. A true anthem of the freedom to live and exist; looking further than just a body to dress, Thierry Mugler experiments with cuts, materials and stylistic tangents made more than desirable by an impeccable mastery of the cut.

The ultimate precision of the body and its architectural silhouettes won him a prestigious Haute Couture reputation, and an influence that has not been tarnished since.

Creative, inventive and amusing, Mugler’s fashion is also one of hyper-sensuality. the Muglar woman has an attitude; shape-shifting, complex, confident, seductive…

Then comes a second Mugler revolution, that of perfume. The first of its kind, the Angel perfume, the embodiment of Thierry Mugler’s olfactory vision, revolutionised the perfumery world. Its history can be read here. You can peek at our selection of fragrances.

That is all that can be seen at the MAD’s Mugler exhibition; from ready to wear and couture silhouettes to film costumes, photography and unheard of video archives from 1973 to 2014!

As many elements as anyone would need to understand the house, whose vintage pieces are now among the most solicited. The house that literally made a new role for women, around sumptuous pieces, glamorous and rich with history. The role of the futuristic femme fatale, anticipating the advent of the next era of digital fashion.